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Synthetic Turf and the New Level of Performance

Close up of artificial turf used for sports.
Posted 01/10/2018 by Rich Vetterl, Technical Manager, Polymers

While there are benefits to playing sports on real grass, indoor football stadiums throughout the United States today opt for artificial turf as the playing surface of choice for gridiron football matches. It also is growing in popularity at professional outdoor stadiums as venues increasingly understand how the artificial turf benefits far outweigh their real grass counterpart. Some of the benefits of artificial turf include its durability, the little amount of maintenance that is required, ...

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2017 Year in Review

Title for 2017 Year in Review for H.B. Fuller.
Posted 01/08/2018 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director, Global Communications

It’s been an exciting year here at H.B. Fuller, filled with awards, breakthrough innovations, and even the opportunity to be involved with the upcoming Super Bowl! Here’s a look at some of 2017’s most impressive H.B. Fuller moments. Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee. In preparation for Super Bowl LII, we investigated all of the places where adhesives support American football. Expanded Capabilities with Royal Adhesives. Having acquired Royal Adhesives &...

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Community Giving with H.B. Fuller

Volunteers at a food bank.
Posted 01/02/2018 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

Coming Together to Give Back Many of us kicked off the holiday season by celebrating with a big family meal. However, for some in our communities, putting food on the table can be a struggle. Food insecurity continues to be a serious issue for many of our neighbors, and H.B. Fuller employees are passionate about making a difference for these community members in need. Nearly 800 million people around the world do not have access to enough food to sustain their physical well-being. In the Uni...

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Top 10 Reasons to Work at H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller employee working in a lab.
Posted 12/20/2017 by Leah Rickert, Global Talent Acquisition Manager

At H.B. Fuller, we pride ourselves on our world-class employees. Here are just some of the reasons they join our family—and why they continue to stay. 1. Solve World Problems. At H.B. Fuller, we create revolutionary products, and our solutions contribute to solving the world’s problems. Whether we’re designing the newest adhesive advancements in the medical field or working to make clean energy a worldwide reality, our commitment to innovation brings together people, products...

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Cooperate to Innovate in Hygiene? India Says Yes!

H.B. Fuller employees at the BCH Symposium in India.
Posted 12/18/2017 by Lynne Purvis, Hygiene Marketing Manager EIMEA

At the 4th edition of the Business Co-ordination House (BCH) symposium, more than 150 representatives from the Indian hygiene industry were brought together to discuss the present and future of the market. Created by technical textile industry enthusiasts, BCH aims to provide a comprehensive information platform for marketing, partner sourcing, and specific research studies. Discussing the Future Together  The prevailing themes at the conference included optimizing cost and quality, and e...

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