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Envelope Gum

Run at faster speeds and deliver the high quality your customers expect with our proven envelope gum formulations. Our flexible, environmentally-advanced gums perform on a variety of equipment types and substrates.


Our specialized envelope adhesives keep your envelopes safely sealed from production to your customer’s mailbox, and also machine cleanly—no matter what the machine speed.

Our envelope adhesives are used for

  • Side seam
  • Front seal gum
  • Self seal front gum
  • Window patch gum

EG 3311

  • Very good balance of machining, initial tack, and fiber tear
  • Great fiber tear on polystyrene and PLAs
  • Can combo as a rotary back gum
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PWE 2334

  • High mileage
  • Excellent Adhesion and gloss
  • Clean machiningHighest remoistening tack in industry
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WB 2338 MXRB 001

  • Good fiber tear
  • Works well on high and medium speed lines
  • Lead product for Rotary machines
  • Best for high speed machines
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WB 3400 DPN

  • Designed for expected peel and seal performance
  • High solids
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WB 8610 001

  • Clean machining
  • Minimal tailing and build up
  • Can be used for combo gum for patch and back gum applications
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