Food Safe Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

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Food waste reduction is a value of flexible packaging.

H.B. Fuller’s global line of Flextra™ adhesives safely protect food as it moves throughout the supply chain. The Flextra™ range includes both solvent-based and solvent-free products for medium- and high-performance applications. Individual solutions offer additional benefits, such as room temperature curing, fast curing and PAA decay, as well as the option to use an aliphatic system to avoid PAA altogether.

FlexPack Epoxy Silane-Free

We are taking a proactive approach to the anticipated European Commission regulation on epoxy silanes with our epoxy silane-free adhesives for flexible packaging. In addition, we have carefully reviewed our adhesive formulations, removing other undesired substances. We can offer expert regulatory advice for your adhesive selection in Europe and around the globe.


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