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Posted 10/23/2018 by Stuart Jenkinson, Business Director, Converting Solutions, EIMEA

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If there’s one thing we love at H.B. Fuller, it’s change. Changing market dynamics, changing technology, changing manufacturing processes, and helping our customers change product design and functionality to address evolving consumer demand. As we see it, with change comes opportunity to partner with consumer and durable goods manufacturers to create better, faster, safer, greener products that people around the world use every day.

It’s one of the reasons why our company engagement with industry associations is so important. It connects us with our peers and other external partners and drives us to fully understand rapidly changing legislative and performance requirements and to come together to strengthen the adhesives and sealants industry as a whole.

In Europe, that association is FEICA. Founded in 1972, FEICA has undergone tremendous change over the past decade, including a total refresh of the association’s structure, leadership and strategy. H.B. Fuller’s Sr. Vice President Steve Kenny was an integral part of that team, including serving on the Executive Board as a Direct Company Member (2009-2013), as Vice President (2014-August 2015), and ultimately as President (September 2015-2017). We take this opportunity to highlight FEICA as Steve has announced his planned retirement in December.

Steve and his fellow FEICA Executive Board members, together with the dedicated staff, worked on everything from the association’s value proposition, content development for members, marketing and communications, and financial viability. Out of that work, they invested in the team of regulatory experts who work full-time for FEICA. They found ways to generate sufficient income to ensure financial stability and long-term sustainability of the association. And, they created a strength in marketing and content development to increase membership and industry engagement in Europe by focusing on two overarching objectives: delivering more value to members and meeting the challenges posed by today’s dynamic business environment.

The association’s focus on its six strategic drivers has solidified FEICA’s role as supporter and champion of adhesives and sealants providers across Europe. As a long-time member, H.B. Fuller is committed to working with the industry to improve its sustainability, safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance and to ensure the contribution our industry makes to the wellbeing and prosperity of consumers everywhere is fully recognized and appreciated.

FEICA board 2018I am honored to succeed Steve as a member of the FEICA Executive Board, and I look forward to working with my fellow board members, President Boris Tasche, and the FEICA secretariat to further build on the momentum created by Steve and the Executive Board.

I recently spoke with Philip Bruce, FEICA’s Secretary General, who shared this about Steve: “As President of FEICA, Steve oversaw the recruitment of a new association leader. I was selected for the role, which I still serve in today, and he has provided fantastic support to me over the past few years. Steve’s energy and commitment to FEICA and to our mission to provide more value for members is a clear legacy. We thank Steve sincerely for his wisdom and support.”

I couldn’t agree more!

To learn more about FEICA and keep pace with changes as they occur in the European adhesives and sealants industry, visit their website or plan to attend next year’s conference. You won’t be disappointed.


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