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Skills-Based Volunteering: Leveraging Employee Talents to Strengthen Communities

Posted 06/14/2018 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

H.B. Fuller is proud to partner with nonprofit organizations to give back to our communities around the world. One way that we support our nonprofit partners is through skills-based volunteerism. Skills-based volunteerism leverages the specialized skills of volunteers to build infrastructure and capacity for nonprofits. One example of skills-based volunteerism is service on the board of directors of a nonprofit; serving on a nonprofit board gives employees an opportunity to use the skills they have built in their professional lives to support organizations and causes they are passionate about.

Tim KeenanH.B. Fuller and the Regions Hospital Foundation

Tim Keenan, Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, has served on the board of directors of Regions Hospital Foundation for 6 years, and is currently serving as chair of the board. Tim is inspired by Regions Hospital’s focus on providing excellent specialty care, as well as serving as one of the largest providers of charity care for those in need in Minnesota. During his time on the board, Tim has seen Regions take on critical and often underserved health needs in the community – including mental health and the opioid epidemic. Reflecting on the projects he has been involved with while on the board, Tim is particularly proud of a state of the art mental health center and a campaign to fight stigma around mental illness, as well as helping the Foundation increase annual fundraising from approximately $6 million to $16 million.

Benefits for Communities and Employees 

Regions Hospital Foundation has benefitted from Tim’s willingness to share his professional experience in corporate governance and assist with strategic planning. Tim has enjoyed being able to find commonalities between corporate and nonprofit approaches to addressing complex issues and developing action plans. Through his service, Tim has also benefited, both professionally and personally. “This is more than me giving – I get a lot in return,” Tim shared. The lessons he has learned from taking on a leadership role on the board of directors have transferred to his role at H.B. Fuller. He has also built connections to the philanthropic community in St. Paul and become part of a network of people working to strengthen the community.

H.B. Fuller recognizes the commitment and dedication of our employees in our corporate volunteering program by awarding grants to nonprofits with an H.B. Fuller employee serving on their board of directors, including Regions Hospital Foundation. “I’m honored and humbled by the contributions H.B. Fuller has made in honor of my service,” said Tim. H.B. Fuller is proud to offer Tim and many other employees the opportunity to leverage their skills to make a real difference in their communities through skills-based volunteering. 

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