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Volunteers at a food bank.

Community Giving with H.B. Fuller

Posted 01/02/2018 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

Coming Together to Give Back

Many of us kicked off the holiday season by celebrating with a big family meal. However, for some in our communities, putting food on the table can be a struggle. Food insecurity continues to be a serious issue for many of our neighbors, and H.B. Fuller employees are passionate about making a difference for these community members in need.

Nearly 800 million people around the world do not have access to enough food to sustain their physical well-being. In the United States, for example, about 40 million people struggle to put food on the table every day – that’s one in six people who are facing food insecurity. According to Feeding America, households with children are have more difficulty that those without (20 percent versus 12 percent).

Employee Giving at H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller’s 2017 Community Giving Campaign focused on ending hunger in our communities across the United States and Canada. In partnership with the United Way, H.B. Fuller employees were able to give back by donating to various nonprofits and issues they are passionate about – and many employees chose to support food shelves and other hunger relief organizations. The H.B. Fuller Company Foundation supports employee giving by contributing a 50% match on all employee donations. Together, employees and H.B. Fuller raised over $480,000 to help our neighbors in need.

Beyond financial support, the Community Giving Campaign also included volunteer opportunities. At our headquarters location, employees prepared over 500 food packs to be distributed to local students in need. In the weeks leading up to the Community Giving Campaign, employees around the world also organized many hunger-related volunteer projects as part of our annual Make a Difference volunteer campaign. These projects included food drives, preparing and serving meals to seniors in need, and preparing food for individuals living with serious illnesses. H.B. Fuller is committed to giving back to our communities, and proud to support our employees as they come together to contribute their personal resources and time to make a difference.

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