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Solar Panel with sun reflecting off of it representing adhesives for solar panels (PV) from H.B. Fuller.

Innovation in Solar Power is Now on the Fast Track

Posted 06/02/2016 by David McDougall, Sr. Business Development Manager, Photovoltaic

Solar manufacturers continue to look for a collaborative partner who gives them the competitive edge and that can provide key insights and solutions to the industry’s emerging trends, and we, at H.B. Fuller, are equipped with the segments, reach and technologies to do just that. Our TONSAN business, acquired in 2015, has a strong legacy in China that was grounded in delivering a high-quality, engineering adhesives, sealants, and solutions approach, and will live on while blended with H.B. Fuller’s global reach and rich history of adhesive innovation.  

Our global Engineering Adhesives operating segment identifies and leverages trends in this fast-growing and ever-changing market, and partners closely with customers to address them. Our ability to coordinate manufacturing and supply chain on a global basis helps us provide them with solutions to their adhesion challenges wherever they are in the world. 

Emerging Solar Power Trends

Some of the more recent trends in the solar industry include a focus on durability, as manufacturers are interested in creating longer-lasting modules that can be in the field for 40 years or more. Additionally, there continues to be the development of lighter and thinner materials in order to lessen both transportation and shipping costs, putting us in the ideal spot to provide stronger materials and offer a broad range of chemistries to help manufacturers adapt to market trends and meet industry demands. 

There also is a large amount of industry insight that suggests that solar is the energy source of the future. Studies by Greentech Media Research indicate that the PV/solar market is set to grow 119 percent this year alone, and they project that, while utility-scale installations will represent 74 percent of the installations for the year, the residential and commercial markets also will experience strong growth in 2016. Additionally, Adhesives & Sealants Industry forecasts that the PV/solar adhesives market will reach $115 million in 2016, a jump from $16 million in 2014. 

Stepping Up to the Solar Challenge

Adhesives solutions in this market space are generally highly engineered and are designed to solve difficult problems, perform well in harsh conditions and, in general, meet very demanding specifications for performance. H.B. Fuller offers the most complete set of materials to solar manufacturers and installers. Typical customers include manufacturers of solar modules, companies that install solar panels, and companies that manufacture components incorporated into the solar value chain. We also partner with customers to solve their next-generation needs through customized solutions. 

Since we already supply adhesives to the electronics, automotive and new energy industries, we are in a strong position to take advantage of the ongoing technology convergence trend and are prepared to meet demand for adhesives worldwide in the PV/solar industry. For more information download our white paper, “Adhesives Fast Track Innovation in Solar Power Technology,” or contact H.B. Fuller today.


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