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Pole Construction: The Power to Change Communities

Posted 05/05/2021 by Scott Cowen, Director R&D, Construction Adhesives Utilities and Infrastructure

  The Power to Change Communities Rural regions around the U.S. rely on utility poles to supply power, internet access, and television services. Some of these rural areas experience cold, harsh winters, and installing or repairing utility lines often requires crews to implement a temporary fix and return to the site later, when the warmer months allow for comprehensive repair. This can result in repet...

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The Rise of the Moisture Cure Adhesives Industry

Posted 04/23/2021 by Dr. Knut Göke , Director, EMEA Product Management & Marketing, Engineering Adhesives

Find out what moisture cure adhesives are and how they can provide exactly the bonding you need for difficult materials.

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What makes a well-performing low-application-temperature spine adhesive?

Posted 04/20/2021 by Mark Cunningham, Application Specialist

When working with difficult papers, slow-to-medium setting adhesives deliver better adhesive penetration between pages and onto the cover. Fast-setting products typically are used for high-speed magazine lines when the paper quality is easier to adhere to. The viscosity of the adhesive you choose also is relevant. Higher-viscosity products exhibit improved strength and heat resistance, whereas lower viscosity products can improve pot stability and machining characteristics.  Low-applicatio...

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Using Adhesives and Tapes to Reduce Packaging

Corrugated paper with green leaves
Posted 04/13/2021 by Erin L'Hotta, Marketing Manager

Demand for a circular economy is changing how Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands design and package their products. Instead of producing in a linear fashion – where products are produced, used, and disposed of – it puts pressure on manufacturers to design with a "waste-out" approach. 

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Don’t Bat an Eye: Solutions for the Perfect Lash and More

Posted 04/07/2021 by Author: Joe Silvestro, Business Director, Health & Beauty

Global adhesives manufacturer H.B. Fuller stays on top of shifting consumer trends in the growing cosmetics industry. Learn more about our adhesive technologies.

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