Innovation in Solar Power

Man on a roof installing solar panels.

According to a December 2017 article by the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 68 percent in the last decade. Given the solar power industry’s emerging trends and projected growth, H.B. Fuller is poised to continue providing key insights and solutions to the solar industry, given our advanced technology, broad application set, and global reach.

Our global operating segment enables us to identify and leverage convergence trends in the future and utilize one of our main competitive advantages—the ability to coordinate manufacturing and supply chain on a global basis. As we continue to help solar manufacturers and installers explore a number of advanced technologies to address their toughest challenges using liquid sealants, tapes, and adhesives dispensing equipment, we enable them to adapt to market trends and meet increasing demand in the photovoltaic (PV)/solar adhesives market.

We are in a strong position to take advantage of this ongoing technology convergence trend, and we are prepared to meet demand for adhesives worldwide through our broad range of chemistries and our large network of facilities around the world that allows us to simultaneously be global and local.

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