Electronics Ecosystem

Electronics Ecosystem

Future-Focused Innovation

Years ago, consumers were content to keep devices like televisions and telephones for decades, even when better, newer models were available. Today, technology consumers want to upgrade to the latest and greatest long before the end of the product’s useful life, and manufacturers have to keep pace to stay competitive. As a result, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are planning their next-gen and next-next-gen products years in advance. Time to market is critical, meaning visibility and influence on the product development process is equally important.

The challenge is that product development now happens on a global stage.

Design and planning happen in one part of the world, and production happens in another. Inevitably, phases overlap, details get lost in translation and projects end up getting delayed. In a highly competitive industry like consumer electronics, waiting isn’t an option.

That’s where H.B. Fuller comes in.

We can help OEMs innovate faster by employing a collaborative “ecosystem” approach at the systems level. We work with other suppliers toward one solution versus individual suppliers each working in their own silo.
With the ecosystem approach, we: 

  • Consult at the ideation phase and offer recommendations based on project goals.
  • Collaborate with other suppliers to create a prototype.
  • Provide process expertise to manufacturing partners to ensure smooth production scale-up. 

This approach affords OEMs more visibility into the supply chain, and thus more influence and control over each step of the process, so they can bring their ideas to market more quickly and enjoy a competitive advantage.


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