Partnering to Deliver More With Less


“Nearly all our global market segments ask for sustainability, such as safer products and renewable sources, recycling of durable goods at the end of life cycle, and energy efficiency and localization to reduce transportation needs. Our R&D plays a critical role in developing new solutions and new products to achieve those goals.”– Lee Polance, Vice President, Global Technology | Engineering Adhesives

The world has undergone deep changes that are expected to intensify in the coming years. In the contexts of a global pandemic, decarbonizing the economy, and acceleration of the digital paradigm, creating long-term value requires collaborative innovative solutions developed together with our customers, partners, and other scientific and technological players.

What we do matters, as adhesives can be found in nearly every finished good that you can imagine. They make smaller and faster electronics so people can stay connected; solar- and wind-powered energies; fresher food and safer drinking water to nourish the world; better construction materials for home efficiency and insulation; lightweight materials and designs; and more comfortable, affordable hygiene products to help people feel clean. While adhesives typically make up a very small percentage of most products, and we make the biggest impact downstream in supporting our customers’ sustainability goals.

Voices of our Customers

“H.B. Fuller embodies quality, productivity and collaboration – all the things we need and expect for our supply base. The product we buy helps to maintain the quality and integrity of our packages, enabling our products to move efficiently from production facilities to the market.” – Large global food and beverage brand owner

“By using H.B. Fuller’s adhesives, we were able to reduce wastage, improve our product’s durability and with that contribute to our sustainability programs.” – Indian paper products manufacturer

“We have seen the multiple advantages of the low application temperature adhesive reflected in our sustainability goals – energy savings, operator safety and production line efficiency.” – British ice cream producer

“The warm edge system KÖDISPACE 4SG offers maximum energy efficiency and maximum service life with a unique look and limitless design possibilities. The thermoplastic spacer thus fully meets our demands and helped us achieving the international LEED certification.” – South Korean conglomerate