Innovation for Sustainability


Increasing environmental awareness of consumers, strict legislation, and the popularized move towards a circular economy across industries is significantly impacting the way we live and do business.

At H.B. Fuller, we are committed to long-term sustainability and meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. With that comes the increased responsibility to promote more resource-efficient design, production, and consumption across the entire value chain.

“Innovation does not occur in a vacuum but at the interface of customer, equipment, substrate suppliers and our technical experts. Although our adhesives are typically less than 2% of our customers’ final products, they are many times the key enabler of sustainability. It could be though improved performance of our products allowing more sustainable processes, lowering energy demands, and less consumable substrates. We are uniquely poised to make those market needs connections and find innovative ways to turn that 2% into impactful sustainable solutions.” – Nicholas Lehman, Vice President, Global Technology | Hygiene, Health and Consumable Adhesives 

Technologies for the Circular Economy

In 2020, our scientists and engineers kept watching our markets to make sure we were developing the adhesives and sealants that would support our customers’ responses to changing consumer demand, new product designs, and upcoming regulatory and sustainability efforts.

We invested significantly in innovation, research, and expertise, which are crucial for the continuous extraction of value from our business strategy. This also facilitated the creation of new high-performance solutions that enabled customers to improve their products and processes to better achieve their sustainability programs and help transition from a linear to a circular economy.

“The world needs to reduce GHG emissions and improve air quality to remain habitable. To address this successfully, we must recognize this need and continue innovating our products. When thinking about next generation products, the expectation is that they will be responsibly sourced, enhance energy efficiency, and enable recycling to create an efficient cradle to cradle loop. Our role is to find novel materials and processes that facilitate responsible innovation.” – Construction Adhesives: Scott Cowen, Global R&D leader | Utilities and Infrastructure; Justin Bates, Global R&D Leader | Roofing; and Greg Schad, Global R&D Leader | Flooring

In 2020, we launched a wealth of insights and unique applications in new sections of our website dedicated to sustainable packaging and hygiene and nonwovens solutions, along with new adhesive upgrades, like for woodworking and construction that enable customers to deliver the next generation of products and more efficient processes that require smaller ecological footprint and facilitate the circularity of those industries and others that are connected.