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Improved productivity, shorter lead times, less waste, reduced downtime and lower unit costs are the result of our superior transportation wood panel adhesives. Browse our Swift®lock reactive hot melt adhesive, Swift®bond liquid reactive adhesive, Swift®therm hot melt adhesive, Swift®melt pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, and Swift®tak water-based adhesive products to learn more about how our applications meet your transportation needs.

Our full line of caravan and marine wood panel adhesives are available on three continents. From hot melts to solvent-based reactive polyurethane adhesives, including water-based solutions, we offer the most advanced transportation wood panel adhesives. Application ranges for caravan include wall and floor, floor lamination, repairing, roof, assembly, and furniture. Application ranges for marine include rockwool panels, honeycomb panels, and furniture and lamination. 

Swift®bond 3U115

  • Meduim curing
  • Adhesion to all RV components
  • Extrusion grade
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Swiftbond 3U115

Swift®bond 3U117

  • Fast curing
  • Adhesion to all RV components
  • Extrusion grade
Technology Documentation
Swiftbond 3U117

Swift®lock 2U520

  • Formualted to bond lauan to FRP
  • Reduces seam print
  • Excellent creep resitiance in summer
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Swiftlock 2U520

Swift®lock 2U566

  • Formualted to bond lauan to FRP
  • Medium open time
  • Pigment blue for production visability
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Swiftlock 2U566

Swift®lock 9053

  • High green strength for hard to bond FRP
  • Resists edge lift
  • Five or six layer composite wall builds
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Swiftlock 9053

Swift®tak 49404

  • Formulated to seal wall asssemblies
  • Paint roller application
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Swifttak 49404

Swift®therm 2H740

  • Spray grade
  • Web-over application
  • Fast set and flexible
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Swifttherm 2H740

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