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Innovative Adhesive

for aluminum cans, PET bottles,
and liquid cartons

Each year, countless aluminum cans, plastic bottles and liquid cartons are distributed in multi-pack bundles.

These multi-packs are often bundled using plastic ring carriers and stretch wrap, but brand owners are searching for alternative multi-pack bundling solutions in an effort to eliminate waste. Since 2015, H.B. Fuller has been a key partner in developing innovative adhesive solutions that fit the needs of the brand owner and the consumer. 

Aluminum Cans and PET Bottles

Connected plastic rings and stretch wrap used for multi-packs of aluminum cans and PET bottles are being replaced with alternatives such as adhesives, cardboard holders and other recyclable materials. Regardless of which multi-pack solution you choose, customized adhesives ensure excellent pack stability and easy separation of an individual can or bottle from the multi-pack. 

Liquid Cartons

Bundling liquid cartons presents a unique challenge due to the aseptic brick size and weight. However, there is an opportunity to replace stretch wrap and trays used to bundle four or six liquid cartons and use an innovation adhesive solution instead. Our team has developed specific solutions for the adherence of liquid cartons in multi-pack formation. 

These multi-pack design options maximize pack stability and security, while offering an easy, intuitive release for each individual aseptic brick. The carrying handle is reinforced with a sustainable tape solution and the perforated board button offers a unique opportunity for branding and consumer engagement. This is a flexible and efficient equipment solution with low capital investment on your existing line. 

We will work with you to develop a packaging solution that meets your goals. Our developers and technicians have significant application expertise and are true experts in this highly-specialized application field. Plus, we work closely with your preferred machine supplier to ensure the best design and functionality for your multi-pack configuration.

These truly sustainable packaging solutions reduce your excess packaging and carbon footprint. Contact us to discuss the best multi-pack configuration for your needs.

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