Compostable Adhesives for Flexible Packaging

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Consumer concerns about the effect plastic packaging has on the environment is growing. As a result, the flexible packaging industry is focused on addressing end-of-life issues, such as recyclability and compostability.

Flexible packaging companies are discovering new ways to develop products with less impact on the environment and adhesive companies, like H.B. Fuller, are enabling these products with sustainable solutions. In addition to being a more sustainable option than solvent-based products, benefits of compostable adhesives include: 

  • Minimizes stress on the ecosystem
  • Reduces costs of waste processing
  • Keeps manufacturers ahead of regulatory changes

H.B. Fuller offers two compostable adhesive solutions for the flexible packaging market: Flextra™ Evolution SF1000/XR2000 and Flextra™ Evolution WB1200/XR2200.

Both products work seamlessly with existing equipment. In industrial composting facilities, the adhesives decompose with no toxic residue, microplastics, or other pollutants. 

Flextra Evolution SF1000/XR2000 is a solventless compostable system that works on a variety of compostable substrates, such as cellulose films and polylactic acid films, including newer barrier structures, allowing you to create a variety of packaging types from bar wrap to snack packaging and beyond. It also allows for sound dampening. 

Flextra Evolution WB1200/XR2200 is a water-based two-part system that works best with paper-to-film laminations. It is fully compostable according to EN 13432, ASTM D6400, and BPI certification. 

Both solutions have similar performance to conventional multi-layer packaging adhesives, good appearance and adhesion, and can be utilized on standard equipment.

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