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New proprietary labeling innovation
for PET and glass bottles

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H.B. Fuller is listening to market trends in the beverage industry and understands the industry’s greater focus on improved bottle recyclability and bottle reusability.

In our leading laboratories, H.B. Fuller has developed adhesives to support these trends and help our customers achieve their productivity and sustainability goals. H.B. Fuller Evolution™ beverage labeling adhesives can be used to adhere labels to one-way and returnable PET and glass bottles for carbonated soft drinks, wine, liquor, beer, spirits, juice and condiments. With outstanding all-around product performance, our Evolution products will provide greater uptime, reduced bottle washer costs, and lower water usage due to easy cleanup. 

H.B. Fuller Evolution performance benefits

Our Evolution beverage product line is designed to enable circular packaging by labeling more bottles with less. 

  • Efficient in-line performance increases uptime and reduces adhesive consumption. 
  • Superior machinability and cleanability over competing products
  • Reduced water usage as well as caustic solution in the wash-off process for returnable bottles can reduce carbon footprint

It offers superior labeling performance to suit your application needs.

  • In-use label performance to protect the appearance and brand integrity of the product.
  • Strong ice water resistance and condensation resistance for select products.
  • High performance for slow to fast moving production lines.

These benefits, performing simultaneously, are what set Evolution apart from other products available on the market.

How H.B. Fuller Evolution adapts to market trends 

  • End-consumers are persuaded by appearance and strong marketing initiatives. H.B. Fuller has a range of hot melt and water-based adhesives that work across multiple substrates. 
  • Increasing the speed of machines enables faster production. Our expertise will help customers navigate to their desired speed. H.B. Fuller’s clean-running adhesives result in greater uptime for the machines. 
  • A popular trend for craft beer brands is to use social media marketing to increase awareness. H.B. Fuller’s effective wash-off process for returnable bottles meets the sustainable practices that many craft beer drinkers are looking for in a product. Additionally, our global supply chain network helps ensure consistent supply unlike small regional adhesive companies.

Why H.B. Fuller Evolution?

Saving time, improving quality, preserving brand integrity, saving water, and meeting productivity and sustainability goals are all reasons why H.B. Fuller Evolution beverage labeling products are unique. Evolution adhesives aim to provide solutions that create a more circular economy for the beverage industry. H.B. Fuller is transforming labelling adhesives to meet new sustainability standards. Several of our Evolution products are PETCYCLE approved for efficient bottle recyclability.

A World of Limitless Labeling

H.B. Fuller Evolution products can meet your labeling needs with a range of high-performance adhesives that create labeling design freedom, production agility and confidence in your brand. H.B. Fuller’s wide range of labeling adhesives proves there are no limits. Wherever your business is in the world, we can support your labeling requirements. We have a strong technical partnership with our customers, so whether you go through new designs or production changes, we will be there to assist you quickly and safely. 

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you with your sustainability goals. 


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