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Create user-friendly peel
and seal fulfillment process

H.B. Fuller's Close-Sesame™ closing solutions allow for easy, user-friendly peel and seal fulfillment. It is an inline application that can be integrated into the dry end of the corrugator and utilized by online retailers who want to ship and return consumer packaged goods in the same box. If consumers need to return goods purchased online, they simply remove the release liners included on the corrugated box and seal the box closed. Adding Close-Sesame technology to your packaging design enables efficient product returns that improve the consumer brand experience. It is suitable for simple and complex packaging designs.

For corrugators, the tape dispensing system does not require slowing down of the corrugator’s speed, and the Close-Sesame tape is applied continuously by roll-to-roll splicing capability. In addition to corrugated, Close-Sesame tape can be applied intermittently onto paper bags and mailers for tamper-proof sealing. 

Additionally, H.B. Fuller’s Swift®melt 1838 is a hot melt adhesive designed for easy returns of consumer goods, such as books, small electronics and apparel, packaged inside paper mailers or corrugated boxes. The adhesive can be applied with a slot nozzle in combination with a release liner and has excellent bond strength. It has been validated by external laboratory CTP as enabling efficient recyclability of e-commerce packaging.

Benefits of H.B. Fuller Easy Closing Packaging Solutions:

  • High initial tack for instant adhesion, which provides packaging tamper evidence
  • Preserves packaging integrity
  • Improves brand experience 
  • Enables reuse of packaging in line with circular economy 
  • Easily separates out during re-pulping process to enable for efficient packaging recycling

Whether you prefer double-sided closing tape or hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, H.B. Fuller has two efficient options for e-commerce closing solutions.

Returnable and user friendly

Question: How do I make certain that the shipping box will be reused to return goods if needed?
Solution: Our Close-Sesame solutions enable your shipping box to become a returnable, all-in-one application. The package can be designed to use closing tape to reseal the box for returns. The reclosing tape is added inline at the corrugator for optimal efficiency and provides the end customer a package with an easy peel and seal closing capability that does not require the use of packing tape. This design with integrated Close-Sesame tape closures encourages consumers to use the same box to ship the returns back.

Efficient fulfillment

Question: How do I speed up the packing and fulfillment process?
Solution: Close-Sesame tape is used to improve fulfillment operations. Its peel and seal closing improves the time and labor associated with box closing and is cleaner and faster than gluing applications. This cost-effective solution can be added to the board inline using intermittent tape applicators to reduce waste. It also can be applied offline, if desired.

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