Father and son looking into the sunset with wind turbines. Global Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & Applications Innovative Adhesive Products and Solutions

For more than a decade, our proven adhesive solutions have successfully helped many leading wind energy manufacturers grow their businesses around the world. 

Our sealants, adhesives, lubricants, and cleaners have been widely applied to 750KW, 1.5MW, 2MW, 3MW, 3.6MW and larger wind turbines. Relying on over a decade of customer service experience and an in-depth study of the application technology in the wind energy industry, our participation in the preparation of relevant large-scale wind turbine parts certification specifications and facilitation of the development of the standards for the wind power industry has allowed for the improvement in quality, resulting in greater reliability and service life of wind turbines overall.

We carry out comprehensive reliability tests, such as high/low temperature, moist-heat, QUV ageing, salt-mist, and fatigue torsion, among others, in order to make wind turbine operations safer and more reliable and durable.

We offer optimal bonding and sealing solutions for numerous assembly applications in the area of wind turbine manufacturing, such as sealing of the cross bolts and longitudinal bolts at the root of the blade, seals on the turbine building or the sealing of concrete tower segments.

Industry Applications:

  • Blade manufacturing and bonding

  • Turbine assembly

  • Installation and maintenance

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