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Personal protection equipment (PPE) forms a barrier between an individual and airborne debris. Adhesives are a preferred method for bonding and sealing PPE because they form a reliable seal without puncturing the substrates. H.B. Fuller offers adhesives for a wide variety of PPE manufacturing.

Medical Drapes, Gowns, and Masks 

Disposable surgical gowns are assembled by laminating two nonwoven pieces to both sides of a barrier film. Surgical face masks require adhesive solutions for strap attachment, mask forming, and fabric lamination. Surgical drapes are assembled by attaching typical components such as nonwoven anesthesia screen, poly arm covers, and nonwoven main panel using adhesives. 

Our portfolio of hot melt adhesive solutions for the assembly of disposables is a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and can deliver performance in all of these applications.

Face Shield Assembly

Typical face shield assembly involves bonding a polycarbonate or polyester (PET) film to a foam. Our hot melt adhesive provides ideal performance for bonding the various smooth plastics and a variety of foams used in face shield assembly.

Protective Gear Assembly

Adhesives in protective gear often bonds materials and also seals joints to prevent contamination. We offer many solutions for medical protective gear bonding and sealing applications:

  • Face mask lens bonding and sealing
  • Hose attachment bonding 
  • Protective garment seam sealing

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