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Long-Lasting Signage with Reliable Structural Adhesives and Tapes  

Our structural adhesives and tapes offer an economical and lightweight solution for one of your customers’ most important means of advertising—their sign.

The benefits of using structural adhesives over welding and other fabrication methods go beyond saving money. By using our signage adhesives, you can:


  • Eliminate the stress points of a large sign’s weight through an even adhesive distribution.
  • Seal seams from the environment and weather.
  • Improve the sign’s durability and weatherability with resistance to changes in temperature and handling/installation stresses.
  • Ensure a clean, crisp look without fasteners, clips, and read through preserving the design and customer’s brand.

Whether you’re looking for methyl methacrylate adhesives, acrylic tapes, UV-curable adhesives, structural polyurethanes, epoxies, adhesive-base fasteners, UV-stable adhesive sealants, or other materials strong enough to meet the requirements of structural adhesives, we provide the best solution for your design. 

Custom applications for your specific assemblies

We offer a complete line of adhesives and tapes for all your sign manufacturing needs. Overall, our structural adhesives and tapes can reduce the cost to manufacture a sign as well as improve both aesthetics and durability. The result is a tough, durable bond with a stronger, yet lighter, finished assembly.

Contact the adhesives experts at H.B. Fuller today to learn more about how we can custom engineer and formulate structural adhesives for your unique needs.

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