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Packaging Options

The environmental footprint of a company is not only defined by what it uses, but also by what it doesn’t use.

At H.B. Fuller, we aim to reduce the environmental impact across the manufacturing process holistically, including the packaging forms we use to deliver our adhesive products. Packaging of adhesives plays an important role in safely distributing our products, so careful considerations are made to ensure the reduction in packaging waste does not compromise product quality.  

Large Capacity Supersacks

Our FreeFlow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System enables H.B. Fuller adhesive pillows to be delivered in large capacity supersacks. These large capacity supersacks help significantly reduce the waste of cardboard packaging and drums.


Reusable Containers 

Reusable packaging has been recognized as a more efficient option in reducing the impact of the volume of packaging materials and packaging waste. We offer reusable, foldable containers in select regions. These returnable containers are constructed to be stackable and increase the number of items that can be shipped in one truck, minimizing carbon emissions during the transportation process. 

Palletizing Solutions 

Our palletization adhesives enable reduction of excess transport packaging, such as stretch wrap. When applied to the top of finished goods packaging, H.B. Fuller adhesives grip corrugated cases, bags and shrink-wrapped bottles into place and prevent pallet loads from shifting during transit, reducing the need to use plastic stretch wrap for pallet stability.

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