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Though adhesives make up only a small percentage of the hygiene articles in which they are used, they can often be a part of innovative solutions to drive sustainability progress.

H.B. Fuller helps customers leverage hygiene hot melt solutions to optimize the structure of materials at the product design and manufacturing stages, while also reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the operation.

We offer several lower-application-temperature adhesives that drive sustainability and safety for the manufacturers of the absorbent hygiene products. 

These adhesives can be applied at a temperature around 130°C to 140°C, as opposed to the 160°C to 175°C required for standard hot melt adhesives. Using less energy to heat lines and tanks contributes to lower CO2 emissions, bringing our customers one step closer to their sustainability goals.  

As hygiene customers move toward new product designs that support reduced material usage and less waste, lower-application-temperature adhesives reduce the risk of burn-through on thinner substrates. 

Our lower-temperature adhesives, like Full-Care® 5220, can minimize strike through on the thinner topsheet, backsheet and core wrap materials.


Lower application temperatures also can improve safety and reduce the wear and tear on line machinery. Our customers report cleaner operational conditions with lower temperature adhesives, which increases line efficiency and reduces downtime. 

H.B. Fuller’s technical experts continue to innovate, making sustainability an easy choice for manufacturers of disposable hygiene products. We can help customers select the range of adhesive solutions that meet performance needs, while also reducing resources and energy used across the supply chain. 

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