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Industry 4.0, one of the latest trends among nonwovens manufacturers, is an initiative started to automate and improve manufacturing processes and use technology to exchange data.

By integrating systems with automation, nonwovens manufacturers are empowered to improve efficiencies by making informed, real-time business decisions. Industry 4.0 solutions offer improved communication and monitoring while increasing productivity, lowering operating costs, and, in most cases, decreasing environmental footprint.

On-Demand Technical Service
We are using technology in new ways to offer on-demand technical service to our customers. Wearable smart glasses are enabling our technical service engineers to help solve adhesive challenges for our customers in a fast, safe way using a hands-free device to stream real-time video. The digitization of technical service and troubleshooting allows our team of experts to make a conscious effort to reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing travels when it is convenient for the customer. 

Digitization Smart Glasses

FreeFlow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System
FreeFlow™ Automated Adhesive Delivery System is one of H.B. Fuller’s Industry 4.0 solutions, aimed to simplify the adhesive handling process, increase operators’ safety, and reduce tank contamination and line downtime.

FreeFlow is designed to feed hot melt adhesives in the form of proprietary free-flowing pillows packed in a large capacity supersack. Our adhesive pillows are delivered in large capacity supersacks and can be adjusted to satisfy specific adhesive demands. These large capacity supersacks help reduce the environmental footprint created by cardboard packaging and drum waste. 

FreeFlow uses an automated feeding process to reduce machine start-ups, and the closed delivery system eliminates reoccurring opening and closing of the melt tanks for the adhesive refills, which helps reduce the overall amount of energy used by manufacturers.

 Free Flow Automated Dispenser

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