We are setting a new standard in soft goods manufacturing with our Flexel™ reactive film adhesives, which provides an advanced alternative to thermoplastic film, hot melt or liquid adhesives. The combination of low activation temperature and thermosetting technology results in a superior bonding solution in an easy-to-use film form.

Our reactive film adhesives are especially valuable in assemblies that are exposed to harsh environments, such as spills, extreme temperatures, elevated humidity or shock from impact. And, activation temperatures are low enough to be gentle on substrates like leather and fine textiles.

Flexel™ reactive film soft goods adhesives are great for applications that require a tough durable bond. Typical uses include consumer electronic cases and accessories, device assembly, automotive interior trim, and textile lamination.

We offer formulations for bonding plastics, textiles, leather and metals. Our multi-layer Flexel™ reactive film adhesives incorporate a pressure-sensitive adhesive with the reactive adhesive to simplify your soft goods manufacturing process.

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