The portable and wearable electronic device markets are growing fast and are highly competitive. Every year, manufacturers develop next generation products in response to customers ever-changing needs. 

Whether you require a set of headphones or the latest watch or fitness tracker, our industry-leading liquid and film adhesives are helping high-tech manufacturers solve their toughest portable and wearable device assembly challenges.

H.B. Fuller’s advanced adhesive solutions provide key benefits, including:

  • Robust and reliable adhesion performance
  • Adhesion on a wide variety of substrates
  • Resistance to chemicals, fuels and oils
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • Ultra-fast curing materials available
  • Excellent end-use performance across a broad range of applications
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Structural Bonding
H.B. Fuller’s high-performance, low temperature cure reactive film adhesives enable increased reliability in wearable device assembly, from watch strap assembly and enclosure to bonding and high-performance component/die attach. Contact us to learn more about the high structural integrity and superior waterproofing and chemical resistance provided by our solutions.

Board Component Level
Our conductive adhesives offer high reliability and functionality in wearable electronic devices assembly. Our underfills provide an optimized balance between re-workability and reliability for improved robustness of wearable devices. And, we offer structural reinforcement for CSPs, BGAs and WLCSPs.

Circuit Board Protection

Our conformal coating and encapsulation materials deliver structural and environmental protection to extend product life cycles.

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