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Under the Swift®therm brand, H.B. Fuller offers a complete range of EVA-based hot melt adhesives used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products. This diverse portfolio covers many bonding applications such as end of line packaging, book production, corrugated box manufacture, container labelling to mention just a few.
  • Broad operating window to guarantee a robust application process
  • High stability to reduce maintenance costs
  • Adhesion on most difficult-to-bond substrates

Technology Documentation
Rakoll® HMK2333-NA
Used for profile wrapping
HM Olefin | Hot Melt
Swift® therm 84659
Used for agriculture cases that are exposed to high heat
Hot Melt
Swift®therm 2003
Used for attachments trunk lamination and attachments and assembly processes
Hot Melt | Thermoplastic
Swift®therm 2003NA
Used for attachments
Hot Melt
Swift®therm 2103
Used for ) and trunk lamination attachments interior trim laminations (door panels, central console
Hot Melt | Thermoplastic
Swift®therm 2103NA
Used for attachments
Hot Melt
Swift®therm 2699
Used for ) and trunk lamination interior trim laminations (door panels, central console vacuum lamination
Hot Melt | Thermoplastic
Swifttherm 3H049
Used for dairy lidding and approved for direct food contact
Hot Melt | Hot Melt
swift®therm 3H119
Used for countertop builds
Hot Melt | Hot Melt
Swift®therm 8078
Used for spine glue catalog magazines with heavy ink varnish paperstock
swift®therm 84567
Used for edgebanding
Hot Melt | Hot Melt

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