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For more than 150 years, H.B. Fuller’s Rakoll brand has been a leader in the woodworking adhesives industry. Our team of experts, state-of-the-art equipment and innovation centers help our customers achieve production efficiencies that add measurable value to their businesses, and connect their customers with safe, durable, high quality furniture, parquet flooring, doors, window frames and scantling products. Together, we continue to shape the woodworking industry globally.

Time tested and continually improved, Rakoll® woodworking adhesives are available in a range of technologies.

  • Reactive Hot Melt: We understand the demands that woodworking manufacturers must address, including environmental challenges, like temperature, humidity and low hazard emissions. Rakoll-branded reactive HM adhesives provide end-users with high-quality and high-performance.
  • Water-based Adhesives: For sheet and veneer applications, solid wood, assembly and waterproof bonding. Water-based adhesives are usually polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) based or as PVAC copolymerization. H.B. Fuller operates its own polymerization lines at several European, American and Asian locations.
  • Hot Melt Adhesives: Hot melt adhesives for bonding a wide range of materials at straight edges, soft forming, post forming, profile wrapping, etc. Hot melt adhesives are based on all common raw material components such as EVA, polyamide, polyolefins and polyurethane. Available as filled or unfilled systems.
  • Membrane Press Adhesives: Polyurethane-based emulsion adhesives for membrane press bonding.
Technology Documentation
Rakoll® 2352M
Used for cabinet and furniture assembly
Rakoll® 3404UV
Used for high gloss and supermatte laminations
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry
Rakoll® 4660
Used for profile wrapping with standard memory decorative foils to both basic and more intricate profiles
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry
Rakoll® RK2009
Used for cold and hot press application door lamination veneer lamination
Polyvinyl acetate | Water-based
Rakoll® RK8490
Used for cold and hot press application door lamination
Polyvinyl acetate | Water-based
Rakoll® Supermelt Plus
Used for edgebanding
Hot Melt | Hot Melt
Rakoll® TE5700
Used for edge banding
EVA | Hot Melt
Rakoll® TPX 1
Used for non-structural wood bonding
PVA | Water-based
Rakoll® TPX1
Used for furniture assembly
Synthetic Resin | Water-based

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