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Feminine Care Trends Set New Performance Requirements

Posted 10/14/2019 by Julia Li, Hygiene Global Marketing Manager

The hygiene industry has changed drastically in recent years, particularly in the feminine care business. With new and challenging changes to products and market demands comes a wide variety of innovations fit to cater an ample range of needs from a highly diverse group of users.

One user group that has heavily influenced the feminine care market’s direction is millennials, which comprise around 31% of the total global population and are entering their prime purchasing years. This group of key buyers is guided by their selective purchasing patterns and takes health and wellness into consideration on every purchase they make. (Fig. 1) These purchasing decisions are leading the new product launches across the different regions and reshaping the performance target for the components materials involved in the feminine articles.

Millennial moment and product need changes in the feminine hygiene market. 

Global Feminine Hygiene Market Trends

One clear trend in the feminine market that caters to an active lifestyle and need for added functionality is the increase of health skin and odor control innovations. These range from products with antibacterial claims, using additives and internal absorption layers with properties to capture or mask the intimate area odors after a long day of work or activity.

A growing niche is the ecofriendly feminine care market, not limited only to organic pads. Options like menstrual cups and reusable period underwear are available to millennials who are concerned about the environment. Hygiene regional and global players are creating diverse product niches to address this growing consumer trend.

Functional changes in the feminine care products are also widely spread across the globe. These particular innovations aim to make life easier for users and avoid interruptions to their usual routines. Products that offer added flexibility of the pad’s core are available in Asia. In Latin America, there are panty liners designed to adjust to different types of underwear, as well as a two-in-one version that eliminates the need to carry a spare liner.

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