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H.B. Fuller Malaysia outside building.

H.B. Fuller Opens New Technical Application Center in Malaysia

Posted 06/05/2018 by Dietrich Crail, Vice President, Asia Pacific

H.B. Fuller grand opening in Malaysia with Dietrich Crail. H.B. Fuller is excited about the recent grand opening of our new technical application center in Malaysia in March 2018. All employees were invited to attend. The event included speeches, a ribbon cutting ceremony, tours of the facility, and lunch.


The opening of the new technical application center is just one of the larger projects we’ve recently undertaken in the region. Additionally, we have made significant improvements to our plant operations and R&D facility in the area. These investments bring new application capabilities in the market areas of hygiene, packaging, durable assembly, and woodworking for our customers, and demonstrate our commitment to Malaysia, the region, and most importantly our customers.

The grand opening is furthermore consistent with our long-term strategy to grow our business in Southeast Asia.

The Details

Prior to the new facility, the technical center consisted merely of a service room in the old building of the Klang site, which was incredibly small and did not have the capacity to handle the increasing amount of customer requests.

Inside H.B. Fuller's technology center in Malaysia. Recognizing the need in Southeast Asia, we commissioned a brand new, world-class building. For those who see the facility for the first time, their response is nothing short of complete amazement, and we intend to use the newly-constructed facility to build on our strategic goals and gain more business with our increased capabilities.  

At H.B. Fuller, we understand that a building like this does not get constructed by accident, but is the result of the dedication and hard work of our employees who worked together towards a goal with a common vision in mind.

We’re excited about the new Malaysian facility in addition to all of the other projects we have in store for the 2018 year. Discover more about H.B. Fuller, and contact us today.


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