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Box with packaging reinforcement.

Reinforce for Strength, Durability, and Lower Costs

Posted 06/09/2017 by Asuka Westbrook, Market Manager, ACS


Managing costs well is key to any successful business. This is especially true for the corrugated market, where a large percentage of the production cost comes from increasingly costly paper. H.B. Fuller can help you save money and improve your corrugated packaging’s performance. Our Sesame® reinforcement tape technology strengthens critical stress points to preserve box integrity even when lighter board combinations are used.
Reinforcement tape technology improves overall performance on bulk bins, shipping containers, and heavy-duty boxes
Sesame tapes are engineered for strength, offering targeted reinforcement to critical stress points of a corrugated box. Our cost-effective, fully integrated reinforcement tape can be applied to a wide range of corrugated packaging. They are applied at the wet or dry end of the corrugator. 
  • Improves stacking performance
  • Prevents vertical score line failures
  • Reduces bulge and prevents burst
  • Provides value to your business where package performance and efficient operations are key
Learn more about how Sesame reinforcement tape can help optimize the amount of material used on packaging and create more cost-efficient packaging designs.


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