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Different packaging solutions such as handle reinforcement, flexible packaging, and bottle labeling.

H.B. Fuller is at the Forefront of Packaging Trends for 2017

Posted 06/12/2017 by Marcos Rodriguez, Packaging Strategic Account Manager, Latin America

In light of the projected future outlook of the packaging market, organizations now more than ever require an adhesives partner that supports their customers with value added solutions, that is able to meet inventory demands, that is focused on high quality products, that adheres to all legal environmental regulations, and that is able to reduce costs while remaining innovative and socially responsible.

According to Smithers Pira, current trends in substrate use in packaging materials will continue with 31 percent for boards, 23 percent for rigid plastics, 16 percent for flexible packaging, 13 percent for metal, seven percent for glass, five percent for paper, and one percent for foil. When it comes to end use, 39 percent will be used for industrial and bulk packaging, 31 percent will be used for food and beverage packaging, and the strongest growth will be in the healthcare and cosmetics sectors.
In the United States alone, the increasing use of packaged foods is up 54 percent, particularly with regards to packaging of fish, meat, poultry, snacks and pet foods. This projected outlook, coupled with increasing demand for easy-open and resealable packaging innovation, the development of bioplastics that enable light weighting for sustainability, and an overall better packaging experience, makes H.B. Fuller ideally poised to be your partner of choice. 
With all of the different types of packaging that are available on the shelves of supermarkets, stores or even in your own home, it is important to understand that adhesives are not only present in all of them, but that they also help protect the products inside. A well-designed package, in addition to protecting contents in the most efficient and cost-friendly way, also acts as part of your overall brand strategy, thereby enabling customers to have a positive experience when interacting with your product.
Act now to ensure that your packaging adhesive solutions are state-of-the-art and ensure a positive customer experience. Join our packaging experts at EXPO PACK in Guadalajara, Mexico from June 13-15, and discover our adhesive solutions for end-of-line, labeling, flexible packaging, reinforcement, and opening systems. Find out how H.B. Fuller can help you address even your toughest adhesion challenges with our innovative solutions for packaging adhesives. We’ll be at booth 2204. See you there!


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