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Importance of Adhesives in the Disposable Hygiene Products Market

Posted 02/23/2017 by Laura Suarez, Hygiene Marketing Analyst

Can you imagine our world without the adhesives that hold it all together? Just think about living without some of the current disposable hygiene products like baby diapers, adult incontinence absorbent products, and feminine care products. Adhesives bond the substrates and layering components for premium comfort and absorbent product performance for consumers, and generate cost effectiveness to manufacturers. 

Looking to the near future, what will be the trends of the disposable hygiene products market in 2020 and beyond? According to the 2015 United Nation World Population Ageing Report, between 2015 and 2030, the number of people aged 60 years or over in the world is projected to grow by 56 percent. The Urology Care Foundation explains that one in three adults have bladder control problems, including adult incontinence, with 80 percent of those being women. Principal causes include pregnancy, childbirth, diabetes, obesity, health conditions and other changes that come with the age. Medical and physical factors have started to change demographics for incontinent adults creating a younger and more active consumer. This shift is creating new trends in the market to provide innovative solutions that are more discreet, flexible and underwear-like to allow active adults to continue their regular activities. 

Innovative Solutions for better fit in adult incontinence disposable hygiene products market
H.B. Fuller — a technology leader in the disposable hygiene products market — seeks to develop solutions that help manufacturers make thinner, softer, drier products. With active adults demanding discreet, more underwear-like hygiene products, we see absorbent product manufacturers looking to add more stretch features. Our new Conforma™ adhesive stretches and retracts to offer developers of absorbent products a new way of adding a stretch feature in their next generation of hygiene product designs.                                 


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