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Innovating with Conformable Disposable Incontinence Products

Posted 04/25/2017 by Kirstin Hedin, Global Marketing Director, Hygiene

Meeting Consumer Needs Through Innovation

Recently we presented at INDEXTM 17, the prestigious international exhibition described as ‘the global meeting point for the nonwovens industry’. From market trends to innovation in materials and technologies, the event provided a wealth of information for the industry to take onboard as it continues to meet challenges head on, as well as assess and take advantage of the new growth opportunities in the years to come.

Innovation: From Value Added to Affordable

As always, INDEX gave the opportunity for companies to present on their latest innovations, from those that support value-added product development to a range of affordable products needed in the developing markets with a high proportion of low-income population. We gave a speech to a full house on how consumers can stretch their possibilities and meet their needs for next generation adult incontinence product designs with our new ConformaTM adhesive. We explored what features active, adult users want in incontinence products and where their needs are being met and where the industry has work to do to meet those needs.

Adult Incontinence – More Mainstream

As the adult incontinence market continues to grow, market dynamics are changing dramatically. Talking about incontinence as a health issue has become more mainstream, and the use of incontinence products for mobile, active adults has made a huge impact on growth in this segment. With this growth comes a need to think differently about product design: thin, more absorbent, less odor, better fitting and discreet. 

Speaking of Better Fitting: How do you Fit the Adult Body? 

There is such a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to adults and with the materials available today, creating the right fit for disposable hygienic articles is a challenge. Either they are too tight in some places or too loose in others. If a product can be made to fit well in both the waist and hips of a pear-shaped wearer and apple-shaped wearer, then the product is undoubtedly bulky and very complex to manufacture. The market needs a solution that looks and feels like cotton underwear.


Conforma - Makes Cotton-like Disposable Underwear Possible

Disposable UnderwearWith an aim to replicate the look, feel, and overall comfort of cotton underwear, a new technology has arrived on to the scene! Conforma adhesive. Our adhesive can be used to create a conformable fabric, which is a soft, ultrathin and breathable alternative to the film-based laminate or elastic stranded panel.
Comparative hysteresis curves, show that this conformable fabric is the most like cotton underwear of the traditional stretch engine options currently on the market. All aspects of force, extensibility and permanent set match much more closely for the conformable fabric versus either film-based laminates or elastic stranded panels - this could very well be the sweet spot for next-generation, disposable underwear products!

Want to Delve Deeper?

You couldn’t attend our speech at INDEX, but want to discover more? Find out how you can stretch your possibilities with our Conforma adhesive by clicking this link to hear a recent presentation given by Kristy Beckman, our Global New Product Director. Alternatively, download our white paper or watch our latest slideshow.
ConformaTM is a trademark of H.B. Fuller Company.


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