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Increased Demand for the Best Pantyliners in the Feminine Care Market

Posted 05/02/2016 by Kirstin Hedin, Global Marketing Manager, Hygiene

Global Pantyliner Market Set to Grow Steadily 

A recent Research and Markets study reported that the global pantyliner market is set to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of more than 5 percent between 2016-2020. Although the traditional towel continues to dominate with a share of 64 percent in 2015 because of ease of availability and market visibility, producers are focusing on new marketing strategies and campaigns in social media to increase the adoption of pantyliners within the feminine care market. 

Why Is the Pantyliner Gaining Traction?

Pantyliner IllustrationThe keys to female hygiene product growth in high potential markets are accessibility, affordability and overcoming traditions or cultural barriers. Social programs, educational awareness and government initiatives are working to further increase penetration in many developing countries. The report claims that “Governments are taking initiatives by pushing companies to come up with innovations and marketing strategies to change the perceptions of society... trying to usher in new ideas and motivating women for their self-motivation and betterment, thus driving the growth of the overall market.”

What’s in Vogue Right Now?

Comfort is "in vogue" in hygiene, and there’s a school of thought that pantyliners should be positioned sensitively and designed to be worn without detection. Women want thinner, smarter, drier, more absorbent products to become a reality. Fortunately, having better quality pantyliners would allow women to use them instead of the less discreet and more expensive traditional towel or sanitary napkin during light menstruation or at the end of menstruation.

Companies are also continuing to focus on designing colorful product and packaging designs to attract younger consumers. For example, a customized feminine pad shape for girls is an innovative product for the Australian marketplace. Plus, companies are tailoring and designing products specifically for a certain age group as a smart way of establishing brand loyalty with new customers that are just entering the marketplace.

Driving Innovation Excellence for the Hygiene Market

We understand the challenges and sensitivities of the feminine hygiene market. Manufacturers want to lower cost in use, lower odor, and increase absorbency. Women want thinner, smarter, better performing personal feminine care products. And the right adhesive can make all the difference. Continuous innovations in the finished good, ranging from ultra-thin to new garment materials, require high performance adhesive technology. With positioning adhesives focused on high tack allowing for coat-weight reduction, excellent staining resistance performance on breathable PE and high peel positioning performance, we can help you deliver the thinness and security your customers want.

From pantyliners to sanitary napkins, we’re creating adhesive solutions proven to perform to these market needs. See how we can help you deliver the things that matter most to women all over the world.


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