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Hygiene coater in H.B. Fuller's facility in Luneburg, Germany.

High Quality, High Speed, and Hygiene: H.B. Fuller Is Bringing It All Together

Posted 02/15/2016 by Lynne Purvis, Hygiene Marketing Manager

Delivering Quality, Maintaining Efficiency 

Today’s hygiene producers have to address very dynamic market conditions. Disposable, absorbent products continue to evolve in design, and today’s products are created on high speed lines while end-consumers demand products to be thinner, more comfortable, and better fitting—all while increasing absorbency.

Additionally, the hygiene market is highly competitive, and as the fight for market share intensifies, producers are being called to both reduce costs and improve end-product performance. Trial time costs a significant amount of money, as this means downtime on high cost production lines. What this means is that accessibility to a high speed laminator, such as the latest at H.B. Fuller, to mimic production conditions and to meet the speeds of today and tomorrow, is an invaluable asset to support the challenges of the hygiene producer.

As the market for nonwoven hygiene materials continues to grow, producers need to meet the increased demand. But most are left wondering, “How do I deliver a better product, but without losing efficiency?”

The Latest in Adhesive Technology 

Hygiene CoaterOur high speed laminator is the latest in adhesive technology and is housed at our newest technical center of excellence, the Adhesive Academy in Lüneburg, Germany, which is LEED® certified to the Gold level. It’s designed to enhance in-house coating capability and accelerate innovation of high performance adhesives targeted to reduce customers cost in use, and much more. It can save customers valuable line time by providing full production simulation and flexibility in running speeds and applicators. It’s specified to the highest standard in web positioning to ensure maximum edge control. It optimizes bonding due to a wide range of nip control. Plus, it runs three elastic yarns for full leg elastic simulation, and provides versatile and flexible elastic attachment capability with performance diagnostics. To top it all off, it’s all operated by our dedicated team of industry experts.

But many are likely wondering what the catch is—either the product integrity is lessened, or overall efficiency is diminished. There’s no catch. With this laminator and our line of hygiene adhesives, there’s no compromise on quality or efficiency.

Driving Innovation Excellence for the Hygiene Market

With our latest high speed laminator and hygiene adhesives, you can be certain that your investment in the hygiene industry is sound. Our machine can handle a whole variety of substrates used in today’s hygiene industry, including tri laminates, stretchable materials and low basis weight nonwovens. This new equipment, which complements the existing full-scale lab coater, further enhances laminator capabilities for the fastest running conditions, with the capability of line speeds up to 1000 m/minute. So, whether you manufacture nonwoven hygiene materials in the baby and infant, feminine, or adult care markets, we can save valuable line time by providing full production simulation and flexibility in running speeds and applicators—all while delivering the best in technical care and affording you state-of-the-art coating capabilities that drive innovation, reduce costs, and give you the competitive edge.

Demand for Nonwoven Hygiene Adhesives

H.B. Fuller’s innovative design could not have come at a better time. According to one study,

“Between 2013 and 2018, the global nonwovens market will experience projected annual growth rates of 7.6% (tonnage), 7.5% ($) and 8.2% (m2)…”

What that means is that the demand for nonwovens (especially in the hygiene industry) has continued to increase, and the forecast continues to improve (particularly with absorbent hygiene products). Additionally, 

This trend is expected to continue… until 2018, when disposable nonwovens will exhibit a 7.7% growth rate, increasing from $12.5 billion to $18.3 billion,... For the total period (2008 - 2018), annual growth rates for disposable nonwovens project at 7.2%...”

With the high speed laminator adhesive technology, manufacturers can now rise to the occasion by not only meeting the demand, but also delivering a product that exceeds expectations. A February 2016 study even goes so far as to detail what key products in the nonwovens industry are expected to increase, including baby diapers, adult incontinence products, filters, wipes, disposable medical gowns, and various automotive components.

Making a Difference with Our Commitment to Technical Care

Adhesives touch nearly every kind of good in the hygiene market. As a leading global adhesives manufacturer, H.B. Fuller is making a difference with its commitment to technical care. At our world-class research and development facilities, we bring together everything necessary—people, products, and processes—to connect customers to innovative adhesive solutions that give them a competitive edge. We see changes in the marketplace faster. We make sure that we’re part of that change, and we connect our ideas to the changes we see around us. It’s a perfect example of “connecting what matters.” We help our hygiene customers respond more quickly and effectively to market trends, industry challenges, and opportunities. 

H.B. Fuller. Lowering costs. Accelerating innovation. 

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