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Posted 08/12/2016 by Kimberlee Sinclair , Director, Global Communications

Think about how our world has changed, thanks – in part – to adhesive innovations. Cars and other vehicles are lighter due to advancements in chemical bonding. Fruits and vegetables are fresher. Floors and doors are more durable. Windows protect us from extreme temperatures and noise. Light bulbs are more energy efficient. This list goes on and on …

For nearly 130 years, we at H.B. Fuller have helped customers imagine, create and design solutions that touch people’s lives in simple yet profound ways. While adhesives make up a small part of a product, they can play a big role in making it better, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of cost and environmental impact. 

We focus on our customers and their challenges. We provide excellent technical service on-site. We strive to understand our customers’ industries inside and out in order to bring new innovations to a wide range of markets, including: hygiene, automotive, flooring, woodworking, packaging, graphic arts, converting, and other consumer product manufacturing businesses.

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