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The World's Premier Conference for Nonwovens Personal Care and Hygiene

Today, the hygiene industry is driven by product innovation designed to reduce waste, improve absorption, and allow for thinner cores and greater comfort. Additionally, the development of nonwoven adhesives, and their role in the reshaping of hygiene solutions and products for this market, cannot be underestimated. Globally, consumers of disposable hygiene articles are seeking out more environmentally friendly products.

H.B. Fuller is furthering its path to sustainability by developing differentiating adhesives and working together with industry partners to design new hygiene solutions for the future. Moving towards a strong circular economy, we are committed to operating sustainably and enabling customers to improve their products and processes through adhesive solutions that help achieve their sustainability goals.

We are ready with adhesive technologies, developed to help conserve precious resources, minimize waste, and support customers in manufacturing a new generation of sustainable hygiene products. We are your sustainability partner.

About the Speaker

Susan McNicols, Senior Sourcing Analyst

Susan McNicols 
Senior Sourcing Analyst

Don't miss Susan McNichols, senior sourcing analyst at H.B. Fuller, present: Climbing the Ladder to the Circular Economy: How adhesives help enable a path to circular disposable hygiene products on Thursday, April 22, at 10.50 a.m. CET.

OUTLOOK™ goes virtual!

Organized by EDANA, OUTLOOK™ is recognized as the premier conference for the nonwovens personal care and hygiene products industry. EDANA is committed to supporting growth and promoting sustainable development of the industry, so you can expect high-level presentations, panel discussions, and networking activities.

More than 40 speakers will cover updates on market growth and opportunities, innovations, technological developments and information on regulatory activities for the diaper, wet wipe, femcare and incontinence product categories, as well as a wealth of economic information that enables business decisions for the future. Besides the content, you will be able to connect and organize one-on-one video meetings. This edition will be the first opportunity to learn, network, and meet virtually.

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