H.B. Fuller’s Technical Center of Excellence in Brazil

H.B. Fuller’s Technical Center of Excellence in Brazil is poised to offer a showroom, R&D capabilities, and a foothold in Latin America.

Adecol, acquired by H.B. Fuller in 2017, is located in Guarulhos, Brazil. The regional lab’s expansive space includes a showroom to exhibit adhesive technology in action, while also providing plenty of space for R&D, distribution, and scaling across the emerging Latin American market.

The office itself is an open concept, which incentivizes cross-department collaboration. Additionally, the environment is the ideal setting for the development of solutions to customers’ manufacturing and performance challenges, bringing together people, products and processes to connect customers to innovative adhesive solutions that will give them a competitive edge.
Strong relationships can be further developed through training between customers and H.B. Fuller technical teams, including demonstrations with manual applications to validate the performance of our products in varying conditions. The purpose is to develop and innovate our high-performance adhesives — hot melts, polyesters, polymers, reactives, and solvent-based, to name a few — while delivering industry expertise to our customers. We also continue to use R&D technology, like our pilot reactor, to specifically engineer adhesive solutions to address even the most challenging demands.

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