Körapur 140 Polyurethane Adhesives


Energy-efficient transportation vehicles need to meet stringent requirements which maximize payload and minimize vehicle weight. To increase their efficiency, technologically advanced materials are required to fulfill these requirements. The result are innovative products that make welding, bolting and riveting unnecessary in many cases today.

Körapur 140 1 and 2-part polyurethane adhesives, by H.B. Fuller, are the perfect solution! 

There are many advantages to using Körapur 140 advanced formulas that include:

  1. Higher stability
  2. Permanent elasticity for thermal expansion and contraction
  3. Faster cure for manufacturing flexibility
  4. Good resistant to humidity and weathering
  5. Excellent resistant to temperatures from (-40°F) up to (250°F)

Advantra® Adhesives

High performance, clean-machining hot melt closes shipping boxes at high speed and dries clear to preserve packaging aesthetics. 

Flextra® Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Reduce packaging waste, resist the threat of tears and punctures and help preserve perishables through the control of moisture, air and light. 

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