Hot Melt Mega Pillows

Plastic water bottles being labeled.

Mega hot melt pillows from H.B. Fuller.Improve operator safety on labeling lines. Enhance workplace safety by using leading beverage labeling adhesive Clarity® 4150 in a new mega pillow size. The new product size reduces line operators’ risk of skin burns while working with 300°F+ hot melt tanks.

H.B. Fuller engineers identified the industry need for a fit-for-purpose hot melt form specifically designed for the small sizes of beverage industry hot melt tanks. Clarity® 4150 allows line operators to place a handful of mega pillows inside labeling hot melt tanks without use of force or risk of brushing their gloved hands against the hot surface.

Features and customer advantage of mega pillows from H.B. Fuller. Clairty 4150 technical Data from H.B. Fuller.



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