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H.B. Fuller is your one-stop solution provider for e-commerce packaging. We help you streamline your process and design packaging that will enhance the customer experience.

As more consumers around the globe shop online, the need for high performing adhesives and frustration-free packaging is essential for retailers and manufacturers. Our e-commerce solutions keep products safe through the demanding supply chain journey.

Sesame® Solutions

Reinforces packaging to protect products through demanding e-commerce supply chains. Also provides frustration-free opening and secure re-closing, promoting reuse. 

Advantra LT® 9135 Adhesive

High performance, clean-machining hot melt closes shipping boxes at high speed and dries clear to preserve packaging aesthetics. 

Flextra® Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Reduce packaging waste, resist the threat of tears and punctures and help preserve perishables through the control of moisture, air and light. 

FullVision® Data Analytics Service

Ensure each box is using the right amount of glue. Excess glue usage can add costs and cause consumer frustration when opening packages. 

Thermal Labels

Protect packaging artwork with removable and repositionable pick and pack labels that utilize our microsphere adhesive. This unique technology ensures corrugated boxes and mailers aren't damaged when a label is repositioned as packages make their way through the supply chain.

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