Thermal Interfaces Energy Storage

Elevate Your Thermal Management with H.B. Fuller’s Advanced Solutions

Innovative Materials for Modern Applications

In the rapidly evolving landscape of energy storage, efficient thermal management is crucial for sustained performance and longevity. At H.B. Fuller, we recognize the critical role Thermal interfaces play in dissipating heat within energy storage systems, ensuring optimal operation and safety. Our extensive range of thermal interface materials (TIMs) is designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s technology. From thermally conductive adhesives to high-performance thermal gap fillers, our solutions ensure efficient heat transfer and optimal device performance, meeting regulatory standards while ensuring reliability and durability.

Cutting-Edge Thermally Conductive Adhesives and Coatings

H.B. Fuller provides a wide array of thermally conductive adhesives, including Polyurethane and MMA technology, designed for superior heat dissipation and mechanical strength. Ideal for   Cylindrical and prismatic cell designs, our high thermal conductivity adhesives offer robust thermal management and secure bonding. Our thermally conductive, dielectric coatings further enhance thermal performance while safeguarding sensitive components, meeting the highest industry standards.

Specialized Solutions for Battery Systems

With the surge in electric vehicles and portable electronics, effective thermal management in battery systems is paramount. H.B. Fuller’s thermally conductive battery box adhesives and potting compounds are tailored to regulate heat within battery packs, ensuring safety and longevity. Our products boast exceptional thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and mechanical protection, making them the preferred choice for high-demand battery applications. Utilize our thermally conductive battery adhesives for superior thermal management and compliance with stringent industry standards. 

Versatile Thermal Gap Fillers

Our thermal gap fillers and interface material offer flexible and efficient gap-filling solutions between heat-generating components and heat sinks or spreaders. These materials conform to irregular surfaces, ensuring optimal contact and heat transfer. Available in varying levels of conductivity, H.B. Fuller’s gap fillers are tailored to meet your application's specific needs. Whether for high-power LEDs, CPUs, or power supplies, our thermal interface materials deliver the performance and reliability expected from H.B. Fuller, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Contact us to explore how our thermal interface materials can enhance your product's performance and longevity, while optimizing thermal management in your energy storage systems.

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