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For over 35 years, H.B. Fuller's GSSI MB-10A butyl sealant tapes have been the go-to solution for sealing metal buildings worldwide. These tapes are UL classified, exhibit excellent adhesive and cohesive strength, and are manufactured in all common sizes for metal roofing applications.


MB-10A butyl sealant tapes are the trusted solution for sealing metal roofs and more. Our non-skinning tapes are known for their strong adhesive and cohesive strength. These tapes are manufactured in all common sizes for metal roofing applications and tested to meet or exceed building standards and specifications. With UL classification, MB-10A tapes provide reliable performance against extreme weather, temperature fluctuations, and UV exposure.

Versatility and Performance

Our MB-10A tapes are UL Classified, ensuring they meet the strict standards required for metal roofing. This classification underscores their capability to provide secure, long-term seals, giving you confidence in your roofing projects. The versatility of our tapes means they are available in the sizes you need for any roof type or repair. This adaptability makes them an essential tool for metal roofing professionals seeking durable, high-performance sealing solutions.

ElastiSeal® High-Performance Butyl Sealants

For customers who prefer caulk applications or projects where tape application is not feasible, H.B. Fuller manufactures high-performance butyl rubber tube sealants. Our ElastiSeal® high-performance butyl sealants are easy to use and provide consistent results across a wide variety of substrates without the need for primer.

Your Metal Roofing Sealing Partner

H.B. Fuller provides proven solutions for metal roofing professionals. Our specialists offer tailored guidance to help you select the optimal products for your needs.

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