Flame Retardant Solutions for EV Battery Systems

Advanced Flame Retardant Solutions for EV Battery Systems

Lightweight, Fire Retardant, Polyurethane Foam Encapsulants

In today’s world, where efficiency and safety are very important, innovative and advanced fire retardant solutions play a vital role across multiple industries, ranging from electrical applications to advanced materials.

H.B. Fuller® EV Protect™ foams are liquid-applied, two-component, flame retardant, low density, polyurethanes designed for potting and encapsulation of battery cells in EV, CV, and BESS battery modules. These ultra-lightweight foams minimize thermal propagation and weight impact while offering mechanical properties that range from flexible to highly structural. They provide vibration, noise, and harshness (NVH) benefits by unitizing the battery module and absorbing impacts of external environment.

In their liquid state, the foams are self-leveling and flexible, making sure every corner of intricate battery pack designs is reached prior to foaming. They are already used in battery packs based of cylindrical, pouch, or prismatic cells to mitigate the thermal runaway risks. Additionally, the structural and semi-structural foams contribute to the overall structural integrity of the battery pack, making them perfect for cell-to-pack designs.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-Lightweight and Reduces Risk of Thermal Propagation
  • Low Viscosity and Self Leveling
  • Outstanding Insulation Properties
  • Great Vibration and Impact Resistance
  • Faster Cure Speed for Improved Cycle Times
  • Meets UL94 VO
  • No Outgassing of Hydrogen Gas during Curing
  • Up to 5 times Expansion Rate
  • Ease of Processability
  • Cost Effective – Low Volume Usage
  • Tunable Mechanical Properties and Curing Speed to Match Individual Applications and Processes

Comprehensive Protection Solutions for Battery Modules

H.B. Fuller’s EV Protect product line offers advanced solutions for battery systems in EV, ESS and BESS applications.

EV Protect 5006: Ultra-lightweight, fire retardant protective encapsulant with high structural performance. Works in all types of battery cell form factors (cylindrical, prismatic, or pouch) and perfect for unique or complex battery design architecture. This formulation can be pre-formed into flame retardant compression pads of varying thicknesses for use between pouch or prismatic cells.

EV Protect 4006: Improves safety and power density with low-density polyurethane, minimizing the weight impact and offering vibration, noise, and harshness (NVH) benefits. This formulation can be pre-formed into flame retardant compression pads of varying thicknesses for use in between pouch or prismatic cells.

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