High-Performance Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems are a massive part of the evolving future of cleaner energy. There are numerous ways to store energy, such as flywheels, lithium-ion (Li-I) batteries, lead-acid batteries, and more. 

Increasing power density, reliability, and function while reducing costs are the major points to consider when it comes to energy storage systems. Due to their high-power-density ratings and reliability in both short- and long-term energy storage systems, Li-I batteries contribute heavily to the solar efficiency equation, making them one of the most popular energy storage systems, such as those used in electric vehicles, PCs, and mobile phones. 

Lithium-Ion battery adhesives and sealants

H.B. Fuller is continually evolving with the advances in energy storage technology. We provide a complete range of energy storage solutions that safeguard your lithium-ion battery enclosures from harsh environments, bond to various dissimilar substrates, minimize the risk of thermal propagation, and regulate temperatures.

H.B. Fuller’s solutions for battery storage systems, including adhesives, sealants, thermal management solutions, flame retardant and thermal insulation materials, encapsulants, conformal coatings, etc., reduce costs, enhance safety, and increase reliability along with optimizing lifetime performance. From grid-scale energy storage to solar battery storage, home battery storage, and more, H.B. Fuller has the products, experience, and expertise to deliver the right solutions for your energy storage needs. From microcellular PUR compression pads in EV batteries to tapes that can withstand the harsh chemical compounds used in flow batteries, H.B. Fuller has the right products that help you get new energy sources to the grid. 

With extensive experience in perfecting adhesives for the new energy storage market, H.B. Fuller provides best-in-class solutions for energy storage systems that are trusted to provide your home and grid-scale battery storage an extended life along with offering numerous advanced safety measures to protect what matters.

H.B. Fuller provides a wide range of energy storage solutions based on your battery pack design to you build safer, reliable, and high-performance battery storage system. As the battery storage market continues to expand with the evolution of thermal energy storage, grid-scale energy storage, solar battery storage systems, and more, H.B. Fuller has the right products to keep you ahead of the curve.

Long duration energy storage

H.B. Fuller provides tailored solutions to optimize bulk, long-duration energy storage systems to meet the supply demands of the future. Based on the type and size of the energy storage system, H.B. Fuller supports the transition in energy supply with customized formulations that fulfil application-specific insulation, compression, protection, and cushioning requirements.

Specifically formulated for numerous energy storage applications, H.B. Fuller’s energy storage solutions minimize the risk of thermal propagation, bond to various substrates, regulate temperatures, and safeguard your battery enclosures from harsh environments.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you, whether you are building new inventive electrolytes, flow batteries, thermal storage systems, or green hydrogen. 

Don't let adhesive challenges hold you back. Leverage our enterprise-grade solutions to make sure your long-duration, bulk energy storage systems are well equipped with leading adhesives and sealants.

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