CILBOND® - Advanced Rubber to Metal Bonding Solutions for Manufacturers

Revolutionize your rubber and polyurethane elastomer bonding processes with CILBOND®, high-performance adhesives designed for diverse substrates. Our meticulously engineered, one-coat solutions enable seamless integration of various materials, empowering engineers to create limitless component designs.


Why Choose CILBOND®?

Unmatched Performance: Experience superior flexibility, strength, abrasion resistance, and chemical resilience for components that endure demanding environments.

Cost & Weight Optimization: Achieve lightweight, robust constructions for maximized efficiency, reducing material and manufacturing costs.

Industry Versatility: Discover reliable, durable solutions across automotive, oil & gas, mining, and general industries.

Enhanced Productivity: Streamline operations with one-coat or primer & top-coat bonding systems, minimizing labour and production time.


Explore CILBOND® Applications:

Automotive: Enhance anti-vibration systems, brake pads, clutches, and more.

Oil & Gas: Ensure enduring performance in seals, gaskets, pipe linings, and electrical connectors.

Mining: Achieve reliable bonding for mining grates, rollers, pulleys, and pump components.

General Industries: Discover unmatched performance for bridge bearings, turbocharger hoses, valves, diaphragms, and more.


The CILBOND® Advantage:

For over four decades, CILBOND® has been the industry standard for challenging material bonding. We offer solvent-based and water-based solutions to meet your specific manufacturing needs.


Transform your manufacturing processes with CILBOND®. Contact H.B. Fuller today to explore our innovative bonding solutions.

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