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When considering a new hard floor for home or business, an increasing number of consumers seek a stylish floor practical and easy to maintain. The luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) are becoming ever more popular. Consumers today also are looking for sustainable floorings,  with cork standing out as one of the preferred choices.

All these new types of flooring require adhesives with special performance that H.B. Fuller is able to provide.


  • Light color
  • Low viscosity for application versatility
  • Excellent adhesion to low energy surfaces
Technology Documentation
Used for the manufacture of luxury vinyl tile
Hot Melt | Rubber-based

swift®lock 2U611

  • High green strength build
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance
  • It adheres to a wide variety of core and laminate substrates
Technology Documentation
swift®lock 2U611
Used for engineered wood flooring manufacturing
PUR Hot Melt | Reactive Chemistry

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