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Each year, more than 5 million automobile engines use H.B. Fuller powertrain adhesives and sealants. Our technical experts are here to help automotive designers and manufacturers select the optimal solution for their specific requirements - no matter how challenging. 

Powertrain flange sealants must provide excellent adhesion under a wide range of environmental conditions, including coming into regular contact with engine oil, freezing water or gear oil. Our state-of-the-art powertrain flange sealants perform well over the life of a vehicle.


  • Anaerobic flange sealant - good resistance to high temperature and chemicals
  • Used for sealing rigid flanges
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  • Anaerobic flange sealant - general purpose, can be used on vibrating joint surfaces
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  • Anaerobic flange sealant - suitable for aluminum alloy surfaces
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  • General oxime silicone RTV for flange sealing on engines
  • High eleongation and excellent chemical resistance and aging
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  • High remperature resistance RTV silicone sealant
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1596 Fa

  • Silicone RTV for with excellent compatibility with a variety of lubricating oils and coolant
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  • Silicone RTV flange sealant with excellent resistance to oils and variois chemicals
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  • Silicone RTV suitable for sealing rigid joints
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  • High strength,thixotropic viscosity, good fatigue resistance
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  • Thixotropic viscosity, high-strength sealant
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  • Soft adhesive layer after curing
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  • Good resistance to gear oil, lubrication oil and anti-freezing solution
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  • High elongation, good oil resistance and bonding performance
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