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Our fabric-to-fabric, fabric-to-membrane, and fabric-to-foam adhesives and clothing adhesives exceed the diverse standards and comprehensive demands of the textile industry worldwide. We are involved throughout the entire process to ensure the bonding and laminating solutions delivered exceed the high-performance products consumers demand.

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  • High green strength and viscosity
  • Formualted for the industrial textile lamination


  • High green strength
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates
Technology Documentation

SC 0714

  • Formulated for fast setting and drying
  • High bond performance

Swift®bond 22005

  • Water white color and formulated to be very stable
  • Designed for press application
Technology Documentation
Swiftbond 22005

Swift®lock 2U104

  • Formuated for polyurethane sponges
  • Long open time
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U104

Swift®lock 2U192

  • Formuated for steam sterlization resistance
  • Excellent wash resistance
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U192

Swift®lock 2U210

  • Formualted for flame retardant
  • Passes NFPA 701 and automotive vertical burn
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U210

Swift®lock 2U222

  • Medical lamination with soft hand feel
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent wash resistance
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U222

Swift®lock 2U388

  • Fast setting
  • Formulated to withstand multiple soak and wash tests
  • Low viscosity
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U388

Swift®lock 6507US

  • High green strength and heat resistence
  • Long open time
  • Low application temperature
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 6507US

Swift®lock 9041

  • High green strength
  • Non yellowing
  • High viscosity to prevent strike thru
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 9041

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