Bath Tissue and Paper Towel

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The H.B. Fuller advantage means enhanced performance, improved mileage and better bond strengths. For years we have been perfecting and innovating solutions for the tissue and towel industry, with bath tissue, paper towel, and napkin adhesives that run faster with less downtime. Our robust line of proven products for all applications has enabled us to obtain extensive knowledge of the converting industry and allows us to assess, optimize and solve issues quickly.

Adhesive Solutions for Transfer or Pick-up

Market proven adhesive performance that enables improved speed and productivity combined with optimized mileage while maintaining exceptional clean release performance.


Adhesive Solutions for Tail Tie

Market proven adhesive performance that enables strong penetration through multiple layers of tissue, delivering fewer loose tails, reduced waste, increased productivity and reduction of ply mismatch, resulting in reduced customer complaints.

TT 1013

  • Clean machining
  • Very little stringing
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TT 3005 HS HBF TT 3005 HS UV

  • Superior bonding on all papers including TAD
  • Clean running
  • Can dilute to 4-5% for toweling, 2
  • 5-3
  • 0% for tissue
  • Excellent Total Cost of Ownership
  • TT 3005 HS UV has UV indicator for troubleshooting
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TT 4903

  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Excellent dry release
  • When improved penetration is needed
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WB 4948 MLN

  • High wet tack
  • Clean machining
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